PRODUCTS > 150mm dry ss pressure gauge
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150mm dry ss pressure gauge

Dry Stainless Steel Pressure Gauge
Main Technique

不锈钢压力表Dials Size2"(50mm), 2.5(63mm), 4(100mm) and 6 (150mm)
Case SS304
Pressure range0 -100MPa, other scale units bar, psi, kg/cm2 etc.optional
RingStainless steel (roll ring or bayonet type)
MovementSS304,SS316(brass optional)
SocketSS304, SS316(brass optional)
Bourdon tubeSS304, SS316(brass optional)
Dial plate and pointerAluminum
WindowGlass, safe glass
Connection sizes1/4 for 2",2.5" case, 3/8"&1/2" for 4",6"case
Connection threadsMetric Thread, NPT, BSP (G, PF), BSPT (ZG, PT)
MountingBottom,back and panel
Accuracy 2"(50mm), 2.5(63mm)-2.5%
 4(100mm) and 6 (150mm)-1.6%
Pressure limitationSteady: 3/4x full scale value
Fluctuation:2/3x full sacle value
Short time:full scale value