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DZFY-1502 Cutting & Welding Kit Applications: Medium Duty Welding & Cutting Kit Capable of Welding from 0.5mm up to 6mm,Cutting from 3-100mm with appropriate Cutting Tip. Components: Medium Duty series Regulators Medium Duty 150DC Torch Handle CA-100 Cutting Attachment Welding Tip,CP Heating Nozzle Cutting Tip:1-101 Twin-Welding Hoses:5 Meters/roll Tip Cleaner,Goggle,Spanner,Lighter


DZFY-1507 Welding & Cutting Kit Applications: Medium Duty Cutting Kit Capable of Cutting from 3mm up to 100mm Components: Medium Duty 62-3F Cutting Torch Cutting Tips:6290NX Cutting Tip Mixer,Circular Cutting Attachment Tip Cleaner, Circular Cutting Attachment


DZFY-1515A Portable Welding & Cutting Kit Applications: 4L OXYGEN CYLINDER- Green 2L ACETYLENE CYLINDER-Red Light duty oxygen regulator Light duty acetylene regulator Cutting attachment Cutting nozzles Torch head Welding tip 4.5m twin hoses Spark lighter, tip cleaner, welding goggle, spanner, carry tote